let’s donate from R1​

While we wait for fees to fall


Ever imagined what R1 can do? Now with the R1 challenge you can partner with us and contribute towards a student’s tuition fee.​


join us on the lookout for some of the last and most magnificent silent predators still living on earth.

a game of hide & seek

The Campaign


The heart of African Dream Village and #Africa40440 campaign is the education of an African child and South Africa is now facing challenges regarding access to education because of lack of funding.  #Africa40440 intends to contribute to the solution of this problem through the #R1PaysMyFees. Through this campaign the students themselves raise money from the amount of R 1. The #Africa40440 campaign will give the students platforms to come up with their own initiatives and manage the process themselves. The initiative is to help and give opportunities to students to empower and think for themselves. It allows them to be proactive about their lives and future. Contact us if you want to partner or take part to raise money for your fees.​