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contribute to the building and healing of our beautiful continent of Africa.


Earlier this year, on my 39th birthday, I launched my 40440 Campaign, representing my commitment to undertake 40 worthy initiatives for my 40th year.‚Äč Please choose an initiative and join me as I realise my own dream of contributing to the building and healing of our beautiful continent of Africa.


Join my 40440 campaign

join us on the lookout for some of the last and most magnificent silent predators still living on earth.

a game of hide & seek



1.  Climb Kilimanjaro with 39 other people, possibly in March. We can raise funds for a cause.  My cause is decolonized education to decolonized systems- the money will go to the building of African Dream Village – The school.


2. Drive from Cape to Cairo with 39 other people, we can give to different causes in different countries along the way. Also raising funds for African dream village.

3. Learn to Swim – with 39 other people.

4. Employment opportunities for 20 000 have never been employed people. 

5. Raise 20 000 nets for Malaria.

6. Raise 20 000 pairs of shoes.

7. Walk in my shoes campaign/event.

8. 20 000 papsmear for women (rural).

9. Do 40 dialogues.

10. Take 40 people to school.

11. Pledge R 40440 towards Sierra Leone,  39 other partners to do the same.

12. Build 40 houses ( partner with house of hemp).

13. Build 40 libraries.


14. Build 40 Laboratories.

15. Black pad story 4 million sanitary pads.

16. Organ Donation.

17. Blood Donation.

18. Develop  Curriculum.

19. 40 hours of gospel concert.

20. 40 km race/walk.

21. 40 Lectures.

22. Open the school.

23. Campaign against sexual violence.

24. International Day of people with disabilities.

25. Racing day for women.